Sunday, December 09, 2007

Hellraiser Tribute Teddy Troop Custom

A 3.5" Pinhead Teddy Troop. I've wanted to do one for years but was waiting for the right toy to do it with. The walker was an evil mechanised addition to Pinhead; it's made of an old security camera and has the legs of a Ci-boy Ranger. The turret is fully rotational too! Made for the Occupied Territories Show at the Adfunture store on Brick Lane, London.

Pinhead and his walker.

Pinhead operating his death-dealing machine.

I wanted to mix a Hellraiser black with a Steampunk feel. I managed to keep the original 'Camera' text on the side of the walker. (see larger image for details)

Close-up of Pinhead's walker. From above, you can just make out the dashboard controls and the platform he stands on.


Dkoda said...

Freeeeeeeking amazing dude!! BIG BIG UP!!!!!!!Best work i've ever seen from you bro..truly inspiring!

Eric said...

WOoot! That looks wicked man. Keep up the good work!

your toy,


jjpeebody said...

I love it, i loved the films and you should try to market the toys. I know there are lots of us out there that want one.

Selph said...

Cheers guys! I would like to do a series of them.....i have actually been inspired to do more...

mjar said...

Wow sir
this looks very impressive.
Loks like a lot of time was spent on this. Will have to pop down and see them in the store.

Left mine in on saturday but didnt get much time to work on it.

fgeegf said...

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