Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hackney Film Festival

The Hackney Film Festival is an independent event celebrating the work of Hackney residents and Hackney based artists. This coming weekend sees a great lineup including Fluid fave, Tom White alongside Quayola and The Light Surgeons…

Saturday 18th September


An evening of the most innovative Hackney based audio-visual live performances. Entry £5 on the door.

(performing TRUE FICTIONS 80m)

True Fictions is a live audio-visual spectacle that fuses documentary film making, music, animation and motion graphics with cutting edge digital performance tools. A stunning collage of music and live cinema which explores the themes of truth and myth through a multitude of American and Native American voices; with a original musical score created through the collaborations of 25 New York based musicians and vocal artists.

(performing PTA 40m)

PTA is a live audio-visual performance focusing on precise synchronisations between sound and image. It is a result of multiple collaborations with various musicians worldwide.
Inspired by waveforms, PTA takes form as a central spine where ever-evolving graphical compositions grow from and within.

(performing MOILING 30m)

Moiling is an audio-visual project consisting of experimental film and live sound improvisation.
The project explores the notion of chance through synchronous and non synchronous elements.
The pre-edited film plays off of live tape cut-ups, feedback and looped instrumentation.


18.09.10 - 15:45 - RIO cinema

18.09.10 - 19:00 - The Others

19.09.10 - 15:00 - The Drop

Full line up for the weekend and other interesting information can be found HERE.

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