Saturday, November 27, 2010


"...I was as talented as the people I know, I'd be riding high - not looking up from below."

The winter has set in here in London and it is really hard to leave the house to do anything productive. Plus I'm broke and it's that month where I add another year onto my life and reflecting on what has been going on since the last time I did it. This time around (since I've not really done much to speak of at all) I have noticed that many of the people I know in the big smoke have really done some great things in the last 12 months. For this reason I am dedicating this post to the achievements of my compadres that are moving past the realms of 'alright' and into the realms of 'really quite fucking amazing'. Some of them you will recognise, some I feel deserve the recognition (so go to their links!!!)

Well done chums, may your success continue long into the future!

Early morning skate in Brixton from Martyn Thomas on Vimeo.

Adam Johns & Martin Thomas

Earth Pain


Juxtapoz interview

Fybe One Illustration

Fybe One Audio

Tizer One ID

Malcom McLaren's coffin R.I.P.

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