Friday, April 15, 2011

Usugrow Rebel Ink Charity Release

Secret Base would like to announce the release charitable TOY in the name of THE WORLD POWER which will be carried out by TOY collectors all over the world. Let us ask for your support. Please spread the word and we truly appreciate your cooperation.

as per discussion with Mr. USUGROW, we have decided 2 colors of THE REBEL INK.

A/BOX THE REBEL INK GOLD...5,000 YEN (2,000 yen as shipping charge to be added worldwide)

B/BOX THE REBEL INK SILVER...5,000 YEN(2,000 yen as shipping charge to be added worldwide)

1. Fill in the blanks below and send in your order to

A/Box or B/Box
Shipping Address and Country
Phone number
Address registered on paypal

2. You will be receiving invoice from SECRETBASE thru Paypal
3. Upon receipt of your payment, your order is confirmed
4. As soon as the product comes in, we will arrange to ship it to your designated address.
5. We will advise you shipping status thru e-mail

Expected shipping will probably start in mid-may

Info [VIA]

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