Monday, August 01, 2011

GEIN - Bad Chemistry Podcast vol. 003

New Gein Podcast !

Some sick forthcoming stuff in here.

GEIN - Bad Chemistry Podcast vol. 003 (192) by abelGEIN

GEIN and Counterstrike - Anarchy [Bad Chemistry]
Counterstrike and Zardonic - When Worlds Collide [Counterstrike]
GEIN and Evol Intent - Know Your Enemy [Evol Intent]
Dead Phantoms - All I Wannes [Intransigent]
Nanotek and Machine Code - Nanomachine [???]
Demo - O.D. (GEIN and Counterstrike Remix) [Human]
Demo - O.D. (Counterstrike Dubstep Mix) [Human]
GEIN - Dont Be Mad [Play Me 2]
Counterstrike, SPL and Limewax - Killing Machine (Sinister Souls Remix) [Algorhythm]
Bro Safari and Nerd Rage - Real Life [Ultragore]
GEIN and Counterstrike - Killer [Bad Chemistry]
GEIN and Evol Intent - Battle [Evol Intent]
Gancher and Loop Stepwalker - Dominator [???]
GEIN and Counterstrike - Pentagram (GEIN VIP) [Bad Chemistry]
GEIN and Counterstrike - Psychic Weapon [Bad Chemistry]
GEIN and Black6 - Bang [Play Me 2]
Current Value - Indivisible Force (Nanotek Remix) [Freak]
Evol Intent - Odd Number (Bare Remix) [Evol Intent]
GEIN and Evol Intent - Hit em' up [Evol Intent]
GEIN and Black6 - Definition [Play Me 2]
Dub Elements - Black Ninja [Prspct]
Evol Intent - Era Of Diversion (GEIN and Black6 Remix) [Evol Intent]
GEIN - Chemistry [Habit]

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