Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Art Shows In London Thursday 5th April Onwards

PEZ - "Smiling Since 1999"
Thursday 5th April 6-9pm
Opening hours: Wednesday – Sunday, 11am – 6pm
Nearest tube: Shoreditch High Street

Thursday, 5th April from 6:00 pm "What is Ukiyo-e?" Part 1

 ICN gallery presents to you a series of three exhibitions that centres on the theme of ukiyo-e. Part 1 of the series serves as an introduction to ukiyo-e that will enable visitors to better understand its historical origins and influence on Japanese art. The bold compositions and vibrant colours attracted European painters such as van Gogh and Monet, resulting in an unprecedented boom of Japonism.The 67 works being exhibited offer a wide range of works from Edo period artists such as Hokusai and Kuniyoshi who were creating works in diverse genre ranging from beauties, kabuki, samurai, landscapes and caricatures. Saturate your senses with ukiyo-e's unique features of prints such as its novelty, originality, beauty of omission and clear colouring....

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