Friday, August 17, 2007

Stab Proof Hoodies

While teens in America are dealing with the constant threat of gun use in their highschools, us Brits are still more scared of being stabbed as it seems so commonplace within the youth of today. I read in the newspaper yesterday that a teen was using a cash machine in my area (Bethnal Green) and was approached from behind by two men and slashed multiple times across his back and arms. (See Pic above) However, he was luckily wearing a new invention by Bladerunner Ltd., a stab-proof hoodie. The top retails at USD$130 and is lined with Kevlar and could soon be part of school uniform. Kevlar can be spun into ropes and sheets of fabric up to five times stronger than steel and this property can make it fire-resistant too. Testing is underway in select schools in the glorious East-End of London.
This sounds crazy, but it actually makes alot of sense to have these hoodies. I still think a kid is more willing to slash or stab you up on the street rather than shoot you because the consequences if they are caught are so much lighter on knife crime compared to gun crime.

I'm diggin the fresh multiple prints design on the hoodies too!

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