Thursday, July 22, 2010

A-Cero Architects

Spanish architecture firm A-cero projected a single-family house integrated in the natural environment with fantastic views to the lake and green extensions. If you can get past all the jazzed up promo text/description for this house, it's actually just an amazing design which reeks of affluence....

The initial idea of this project is to integrate the house in the natural environment of the residential area in which it is. In that way, the house looks to the fantastic views of lakes and green extensions that spread over the common areas of the estate.

The porch and the arbors, elements as volumetric as the house, give personality to the facade. The deck as such disappears turning into a flat roof as expression of the evolution of the creative process.

The forms purity moves to the constructive scheme, to the materials and to the environment impelling the union between the building and the context where it is located.

Inside we find the following rooms: hall, kitchen, dining room, office, pantry, wc, seven bedrooms (with its respective bathrooms, two dressing rooms and a terrace).

In the back, through the big large windows, there is a lounge open to the garden, the swimming pool and views of the natural scenery that offers the urban development.

Outside, the pedestrian ways and the central landscaped area incorporate autochthonous vegetation, resistant to the climate of the area. Fences, trees and bushes planted along the plots, delimit perfectly the private areas from the communal areas.

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