Tuesday, August 17, 2010

MadCs Giant Wall

Graff artist MadC has gone very big! For the whole of 2010, she will and has been painting a gigantic 639m² wall, called the “700 Wall - Stylemachine”...

"In July, I finished the last little bit of the first room - the big robot and the last pillar. Earlier this year, I painted some canvases with One4All because I wanted to "hang" them in my first room. Once again I was bored, this time with the old canvases, and used some new ones instead. You can see the original canvases and the painted ones at the wall. Also, I started with the next room and my style-machine. You get a little glimpse of it already and on some details of the finished parts. As of now, about 35% of the big wall are completed."

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