Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Them Thangs Zine The New Dark Age

“Amsterdam via LA transplant Justin Blyth has just released the first issue of Them Thangs magazine entitled The New Dark Age. Expanding on the themes of his blog them-thangs.com, the zine showcases work from 13 artists and photographers including Erik Brunetti, William Eadon, Corey Smith, Mark Maggiori and Todd Tourso. Disguised as a tiny zine, the mag folds out into a massive 24″ x 33″ double sided poster filled with imagery that your mother surely would not approve of.”

Good to see that Justin is actually working with artists...when I first heard about this, I thought he was just pilfering stuff off the web to sell. Glad I was wrong...Buy The New Dark Age HERE


xoiper said...

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i could not find anyway to contact u
and i want to talk with u a bout iportant something
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Meb said...

great photo blog you have

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