Monday, February 14, 2011

Pete Eckert Blind Photographer

Pete Eckert is an incredible guy...he went from being an accomplished carpenter and artist with a bright future to becoming completely blind and needing a guide dog. This however, did not stop him from taking up photography and becoming completely hooked...

"I view my work during the event of taking the shot in my minds eye. I “see“ each shot very clearly, only I use sound, touch, and memory. I am more of a conceptual artist than a photographer. My influences come from my past memory of art and what I now find in the world at large."

"I am trying to cut a new path as a blind visual artist. Sighted people don’t help me make the art. They do give me feedback before I do the final large prints. I shoot the image, develop the film, and I do the contact print."

"I do what I call sample prints. There is a clear dividing line. I need the feedback loop to afford making large final products. I could cut sighted people completely out of my process. I could do a write up about the event of taking the photos."

"The negatives, contact sheets, and write up about the event could be the final product. I like doing the dramatic large prints better. I want sighted people involved. It is a good bridge between the blind and sighted. I want to be included in the world and accepted."

Thanks to Adriana Wong for the info.

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