Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Plumber King of Hong Kong

Kui Wong is known as the Plumber King. He has been painting his illegal ads for his plumbing business for decades and has become the most famous living bomber, right up there with the King Of Kowloon, who sadly died in 2007. Below is a short interview with him, by CNNGo.

CNNGo: How long have you been a plumber?
Kui Wong: I’ve been doing this for half a century.
I snuck across the border from China when I was young.
There used to be a lot of factories that needed plumbing work done.

CNNGo: Why did you start painting advertisements everywhere?
Wong: In the beginning I posted my advertisements in newspaper classifieds.
Then I thought, what can I do to make more of an impact? So I made stickers.
That was really common in the past. I used to put them inside lifts,
but people don’t appreciate that anymore.
That’s when I realized I could paint on the walls in different parts of town.

CNNGo: When was that?
Wong: Oh, it was ages ago. I’ve been painting for a very long time.

CNNGo: Your ads are in all sorts of unusual places.
How do you decide where to paint them?
Wong: I drive a motorcycle all over the place.
If I see somewhere interesting, I can just pull over and paint there.

CNNGo: Do you know who the King of Kowloon is?
Wong: (Laughs) I used to see the King of Kowloon walking around
with his bucket of paint. But he’s dead now. A lot of radio advertising
people have asked me if I want to advertise on the radio, but I rejected
their offer because I don’t want to put myself out there too much.
My line of work is not very desirable. I just want to earn enough to
be comfortable. I don’t want to be famous.

Check out our original post on the King Of Kowloon, Hong Kong's most prolific street bomber, who passed away in 2007 HERE.

Many thanks to Invasian Mag for the article!

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