Monday, September 21, 2009

Squarepusher Live At Warp 20 Sheffield

Warp records celebrates 20 years of being in the game (1989-2009) with a bunch of parties, album launches and general bad behaviour that they are all known for!

Download Squarepusher Live @ Warp20 party HERE
Download Clark Live @ Warp20 Party HERE
Downloads Kindly Provided by Oscillik


bArMY said...

Nice one for the downloads. Really enjoyed Clark and Squarepushers best performance I've seen to date. Loved it

@mrtaxxxi said...

Thanx for the links, guys! But you could at least mention, that the sound-quality is horrible (distorted & overdriven to the max). I´ll listen to it anyway, because I´m a music-nerd and a big fan of those guys, but you could save some guys out there some time and disk-space.

No offense though, I would´ve posted it instantly, too. I just hope there are some better sounding recordings of those sets.

oscillik said...

@mrtaxxxi - i was the one that recorded these, and unfortunately there was nothing that could be done about the distortion - you're lucky to be getting these recordings in the first place! if i could've had access to the mixer i would have taken a line recording, but i didn't have access to it. instead i had to stay at the front of the stage the entire night and hold up a microphone for long periods of time.

that said, i've heard much worse recordings.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the recording. I remember seeing you at the front holding the mic so appreciate the effort.

Coo said...

Had tears in my eyes at the Warp20.
Squarepusher at his best.
Big cheers for the recordings mr.oscillik !!!

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