Thursday, September 10, 2009

Switzerland Road Trip

I apologise for the recent lack of updates but I've been in Switzerland for the past week. Apart from being a super-expensive country, Switzerland has alot of graff and I mean ALOT! I spent most of the time in a tiny town called Montreux (famous for it's Jazz festival) and 48 hours in Zurich.

The motorways leading to all main cities are covered in graff and it was incredible to see pieces on the sides of barns high up in the mountains of Heidiland. It showed me real dedication to getting up...

Sico & Flow owned Montreux! (It actually isn't that hard considering how small the town it is)

I wish I had more time to explore Zurich, but we were in a major rush and I know I could have posted a zillion more images. To see what kind of stuff is going up in Zurich, check out this guy's Flickr acct.

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