Thursday, September 03, 2009

UKAdapta September 09 Update

Usugrow hails from Japan and has brought to London his fresh take on stark black and white illustrations. His detailing is phenomenal and his finished pieces ooze a dark style rarely seen in the UK. Once again, the ever-excellent Stolen Space Gallery played host to Usugrow's touring show, "Shinganist" last month and with four other Japanese artists in tow, the show proved to be a real success. Their traditional processes and mindsets of painting were like a breath of fresh air and I personally gained a newfound respect for Asian artists. I believe that the name Usugrow will be seen and heard for many years to come.

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Velda Lauder has given corsetry a new, raw, ultramodern arrival onto the current European catwalks. Sourcing inspiration from the glitzy glamorous curves of the Marilyn Monroes and Sofia Lorens of Hollywood, and mixing it all up with bold, radiant fabrics often bejeweled with Swarovski crystals, Velda has created a perfect explosion in the corset’s revival. Although known to be restrictive, painful and often the cause of certain maladies such as miscarriages and fainting fits, the corset has also been known to remedy back injuries.

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Milke is a London based electro-indie duo comprising Ra Khahn and Andrew "Friendly" Kornweibel who originally came from Australia in search of wider music opportunities. They are known for incorporating a strong 80s bands, 90s raves and 00s production influence into their music style, inspired by a variety of acts, such as Eurythmics, The Cure, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Daft Punk, Stuart Price et al. On top of all those inspirations, their totally opposite, but at the same time similar personalities, backgrounds and specialties (Ra's distinctive vocals and Andrew's electronic hooks) that attract each other come together and create the depth of their music.

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C-Boogie said...

Are you abroad? Sounds like it. Drop me a line when you're around man. Got some stuff to talk about. Found you a potential grader (used to be a writer too) and have an idea for a film to make, but need to get a proposal in soon. C

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