Thursday, November 19, 2009

1000Mph Car - The Race Is On

Yes, the race for the new land speed record is on. The current record stands at 763Mph set by Briton Andy Green in 1997.
The target is now 1000Mph, with Green and 2 other contenders vying for the title. One from North America and the other from Australia.

The British team is Bloodhound SSC, the Australian team is Aussie Invader, and the US/Canadian team is North American Eagle who have already built their machine and have been conducting test runs with an aim to set the record on the 4th July 2010.

Breaking the sound barrier in the air is one thing, but on land it's a whole new ball game.
" the vehicle approaches the speed of sound, it produces a frontal shock wave which liquefies the earth ahead, so the wheels end up carving through ground, rather than simply rolling over it."


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