Monday, November 16, 2009

Aquatic Plant Layout Aquarium Competition 2008

I have to say that fishtank-keeping has become an extremely competitive hobby in the past couple years with the emphasis being more on the layout of your plants rather than how many species of fish you can cram in the tank. What we are then left with is hobbyists striving for perfection; crystal-clear waters, lush vegetation and a tank that never needs to be cleaned...
The following pics are from the Aquatic Plant Layout Competition 2008...a Hong Kong guy won!! Bless....(Click on pics to enlarge)

World ranking Number 1- Cheng Siu Wai, Hong Kong

World ranking Number 2- Yutaka Kanno, Japan

World ranking Number 3- Hsu Yung Lin

World ranking Number 4- Cliff Hui, Hong Kong

World ranking Number 5- Long Tran Hoang, Vietnam

World ranking Number 15- Peter Kirwan, Ireland (I like the mountain-effect)

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