Wednesday, November 25, 2009

321 Solstice Show Hong Kong Pictures

The launch of "321 Solstice", Adapta's 4th show in 12 months, was really well received by the HKG public, with way more people than the beer could handle turning up! I just want to say a big thank you to the Artists, (Bill London, Cept, David Bray, Friendly Liu, Graphic Airlines, Jon Burgerman, L1ES ONE, Phil Ashcroft, Swoon & Vesna Parchet) and the Schoeni Gallery team for hosting such a good night in conjunction with Adapta and we hope we can continue to do more group shows in Asia for 2010!

The lovely Nicole Schoeni and her close friend, Ankie Bielke

The space in all its glory...


David Bray's newest works

Swoon's "Bethlehem Boys"

The result of Graphic Airlines' Live Paint on Nov 17th

Graphic Airline's Print

To see more pics of the art, the venue and event, please visit this slideshow HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Nice work Adapta (and J). Looks like the show was great...Cheers, Ed's Sarah

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