Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Netching Is The New Word By TMD Crew

I just read a really interesting post about the TMD crew's new form of graff via RT's blog. I will give you a quote of it..."Allow me to explain the term 'Netching'. You know how sometimes an in-joke can just get taken too far and spawn a whole set of slang? That’s how NETCH came about. Pretty much it is an abbreviation of ‘Next Echelon’. There was a lot of joking around at some of our walls about taking things to the highest level possible in regards to scale, detail and concept. It was half-joking around but ended up motivating a small movement in NZ that has really evolved our approach to painting entirely."

Deus, Askew and Berst. August 2009

"The idea was to bring a combination of each others styles into each piece by putting up our own first outlines but working in sections across both pieces. The precursor to this approach is definitely the signature ‘Style Smashing’ of MSK and AWR pieces by Tyke, Ewok, Revok and Rime to name a few. It is also a variation of the ethos behind ‘The Exchange‘ Project. Berst and I worked in total unison on each piece bringing our own illustrative elements across both names and attempting to think as different as possible about every element painted."

Askew Stray and Berst. September 2009.

Stray, Vents, Askew, Shake, Misery and Berst. September 2009.

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