Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Writings Of Pixotosco

Super clean Brazilian writer, Pixotosco has a show in Barcelona with fellow brazilian typographer, Yomar Augusto at the moment...if I could go I would....

"Tony de Marco a.k.a. Pixotosco blends type design “haute couture” with the savage letters from his hometown, São Paulo. His series “Autropelo” subverts the “pixação” codes, overlaying messages to focus its impact. Tony is a fine artist, type designer and photographer. Hard line, romantic, agitated, former shy (worst than former smokers), gambler, dyslexic, generous, egocentric, brass faced, caring, devil's advocate."
artspace Barcelona
ROJO®. Carrer Girona 61 Local 02, Eixample. 08009 Barcelona. Spain.
talk: +34 934 673 598 online:

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