Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Ultimate Gifts That We Wont Be Receiving

Every year, Bornrich do a great list of hardcore presents/gifts for rich people to give to each other and hot damn, I wouldn't mind receiving some of these things! But let's get realistic...I'm never going to receive them so instead, I present to you a small selection of the ridiculously priced gifts that I will never be able to afford...

Arkeg’s Drink ‘n’ Game is a gaming arcade loaded with the choicest games and a five-gallon keg to hold your handpicked thirst quencher. It’s a machine that features a fully functioning kegerator with room for a five-gallon keg kept cool by a solid-state thermoelectric cooling system. In addition, it sports a gaming-ready PC, pre-loaded with 69 games such as Asteroids, Mortal Kombat II and 1942. Other features include a 24-inch LCD with protective overlay, an authentic backlit marquee, a 2.1 sound system with powered sub, two complete arcade controllers, a trackball mounted in a custom aluminum panel and a side-mounted tap with interchangeable handle and more. For all this fun, all you’ll have to shed is $4,000.

BMW DesignworksUSA has decided to infuse some of BMW’s design principles to computer cases. Say hello to the BMW Computer Case targeted squarely at gamers who love cutting edge stuff. The BMW computer case makes sure that all the wires and game processors are enclosed in a sharp looking exterior case. This will let gamers indulge in their passion without the annoying wires and equipment creating an eyesore.

This gadget is an external speaker system for your bicycle. The Cy.Fi speaker is a handy little speaker that fits on your cycle’s handlebars and belts out all your favorite tunes, loud and clear, wirelessly. You can control volume and your song list from the speaker itself. To do this, it needs your iPod to transmit the music via Kleer, a much more efficient audio transmission technique compared with Bluetooth 2.0. The Kleer dongle for the iPod is included in the package, which costs $149.

The Athena Multimedia Sofa is a trendy upholstered sofa that has a couple of multimedia touchscreen computers at either end. These computers will do everything other regular computers do, in addition to beaming out satellite TV. All this, along with the Sofa’s luxurious upholstery makes it a compelling option for couch lovers. Only the very rich couch potatoes may be able to afford the Athena Multimedia Sofa, which sells at a shocking $15,436

For the die-hard anime fan with an immense fortune to fulfill even the weirdest of their dreams, this Gundam figurine in pure platinum (pt10000) from Bandai would just be their perfect gift! The figurine measures 125mm and weighs 1.4kg and is made of 100% pure platinum for an outrageous price tag of $250,000.

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