Monday, May 24, 2010

ESPVisuals With NetNewsWire

From the Creators of the (imo) best RSS Readers to date - FeedDemon and NetNewWire for Mac

Now you can keep up with Espvisuals using this great FREE app.

NetNewsWire is an RSS reader for iPhone — you can read the latest Espvisuals posts using this app.

It works by linking to your google account.

So hit the follow button on the left side of our blog, choose to follow with your google account, then download the app using iTunes(allow the automatic launch of itunes when clicking on download.) or simply search for NetNewsWire in the app store on your phone.

There is also a premium version available which is very good.

Once you load up the app, you sign-in and your "followed" blogs are available instantly with immediate updates of the latest posts.

Total Time - 5 min.

For BlackBerry the best RSS reader is Viigo which is free too , download it here.

Android users newsRob is recommended.

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