Monday, May 31, 2010

Interesting Cameras Of Old

Le Coultre Compass Camera
Designed by Noel Pemberton Biling, and manufactured by Swiss watchmaker Le Coultre, the Compass incorporated the most features in the least possible space. Long before our modern micro miniature digital cameras came along, the Compass camera had just about every feature imaginable in the smallest possible size. It even incorporated stereo and panoramic photo features. The complete kit includes a beautifully made tripod with a pocket clip like on a pen.

Thornton-Pickard MkIII Hythe
Designed to emulate a Lewis machine gun, the Hythe camera was used as a training tool for aerial gunners. In wartime, 120 roll film was much cheaper (and safer) than live .303 ammo. The "gun's" controls are comparable to an actual Lewis gun, but the charging handle advances the film and cocks the shutter. The trigger fires the shutter. The simple fixed focus, aperture and shutter speed were intended to judge a gunner's aiming skills, not take a pretty picture. Although purely a camera, it uses an actu al functioning Lewis gun magazine.

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looks intense!

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