Monday, May 10, 2010

Facade Printer

For all you fire extinguisher fans, why not take the next step up with this sweet, sweet facade printer. It's like 'sniper art'. Damn, you could be hidden in some bush and painting the side of some building and no-one would know what was going on! I want one!

Facade Printer is a software controlled inkjet printer that creates images on an architectural scale. developed by german product designers Martin Fussenegger, Michael Haas and engineer Julian Adenauer. The system 'prints' images by shooting individual dots from a distanced position varying from 5 meters to 20 feet. 'Facade Printer' features a two axis turn table and an air pressure printhead.

A ball tower conveys the gelatine encapsulated colour balls to the marker. Here they are accelerated to a speed of 200km/h and finally burst on contact with the wall, leaving their coloured contents. a coloured dot of 5 to 10 cm diameter occurs on the wall.
The busted gelatine shell falls down to the ground where it can be removed, or left to decompose naturally by the rain without residue. the colour qualities differ from eachother gravely considering UV stability or dripping characteristics. thus, colours can either bleach out within a few hours or remains visible for several months.


1 comment:

Selph said...

Love it!! i want i want!! *sigh.... the possibilities with this thing.....

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