Thursday, June 24, 2010

Art Shows June 24th Onwards

D&AD New Blood
Courses 50 colleges and universities are currently booked encompassing advertising and design BA, MA and FE courses.
D&AD represents the global creative, design and advertising communities. Since 1962, D&AD has set industry standards, and educated and inspired the next generation.
D&AD New Blood is an annual exhibition of graduating creative talent now in its 11th year. The event provides an invaluable interface between the best graduates from design, advertising and communications arts courses and employers.]

Brosmind Studio: Los Canotiers
25 June — 31 July
Brosmind Army is a project created by Barcelona’s Brosmind Studio, comprising a growing army of limited edition ceramic sculptures.
Each soldier of the Brosmind Army is a unique member, with exclusive face, tattoo and identification tags. The army is divided into several platoons of 50 soldiers, each distinguished by a particular kind of hat. The first platoon, Los Canotiers, is named after their distinctive ceramic boater hat, or canotier, which has a straight brim, flat crown and is decorated with a black ribbon. To change each soldier’s mood, a turn of their hat reveals one of the soldier’s three different faces.

The beginning of a modern and playful interpretation of China’s Terracotta Army, Kemistry Gallery present the first platoon with special edition dark silver soldiers, as well as Brosmind’s own take on military vehicles.

All the soldiers and vehicles are available for sale exclusively from Kemistry Gallery, accompanied by limited edition prints.
Kemistry Gallery —
We are an independent gallery dedicated to exhibiting the work of outstanding graphic designers.

Opening hours —
Weekdays 10.00—18.00 / Saturday 11.00—16.00.
Always free.
Kemistry gallery —
43 Charlotte Road, Shoreditch
London EC2A 3PD

So, there are plenty of charity events, plenty of causes worth fighting for, whole countries at war.... But sometimes it’s just about helping your friends, helping those you love. And here we’re taking the opportunity to help one of our best friends.

If you don’t know, here’s the introduction. Rowdy is one of the longest standing players in UK graffiti, supporting the scene and playing his part in what has now turned into a global phenomenon. He has painted with the best of them, in fact is one of the best of them, always sticking true to his vision, rocking his own style, never selling out his ideas. Recently he walked out of his house, which also served as his studio and when he returned a half hour later, everything had been burned to the ground. EVERYTHING! ID, money, clothes, personal possessions, art, the ability to make art, everything gone!

So, we’re taking this as an opportunity to support someone who has so readily supported us as a scene by auctioning some art to help him get back to a position where he can do what he does best, making art.

It’s a testament to his popularity and reputation that so many artists have donated work to this auction. All work has been personally donated by the artists and the galleries that represent them: Banksy, Paul Insect, Swoon, Sickboy, Hush, Espo, the whole Burning Candy crew and a whole bunch more... So, it’s your chance to buy something beautiful and at the same time help out someone who has helped in his way to make graffiti and street art what it is today.
Auction #1
Starts Thursday 24th June
Ends Sunday 4th July
Auction #2
Starts Friday 25th June
Ends Monday 5th July

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