Monday, June 28, 2010

Tron Legacy Merchandise

The new Tron Legacy action figures are the first to feature impulse projection technology, which brings the characters to life by projecting digitized, illuminated and moving faces onto the helmet just as in the film. The line features a special 12″ Ultimate Sam Flynn figure. The character also speak phrases from the TRON: Legacy film. With prices ranging from $40.

The Tron Legacy Zero Gravity Light Cycle features six-foot light-emitting trails and legendary Air Hogs technology allowing the vehicle to be driven on a wall or even upside down. Includes controller (SRP $34.99, ages 8 & up) Upside-Down, WTF???!!

The new Tron Legacy gaming peripherals from Razer include: an ergonomic gaming mouse incorporating Razer’s 5600dpi 3.5g gaming grade sensor, a gaming keyboard with programmable keys and macro capabilities as well as a detachable keypad, and a high precision mouse mat – all designed to create the ultimate gaming experience
featuring highly detailed finishes and lighting effects. The product line will range in price from SRP $79-139.

Tron Legacy Deluxe vehicle is a detailed replica from Tron Legacy that come to life when a character is inserted and lights up. The Deluxe model features launching projectiles, tri-color light changes, pop-up air brakes (pop-up blasters on the Light Runner) and gravity tilt sounds, just like in the movie ($19.99, ages 4 & up).

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