Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Night Of Kreatures

Went to a mad night called Kreatures, last night with Irieman at Corsica Studios in Elephant & Castle, London. The night featured a shedload of animatronics synced to all-kinds of bass music provided by the likes of Starkey, Milanese & AnklePants. Great music, super dark visuals, prosthetics and robotic stomachs and mouths....

"Motors will be converted from analogue to midi using circuitry, which will allow full control using any midi controller/instrument. A drum hit could open a mouth, a keyboard operate a tongue. Audio waveforms control a full working head with pre-recorded expression."

"Every movement in perfect sync to the track. Live footage will be manipulated and edited in real- time and projected around the venue creating a visionary world where the boundaries of sound, Part creating a warped event where state-of-the-art ultra realistic animatronic-creatures fuse with forward thinking bass music."

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