Sunday, October 17, 2010

Levi Van Veluw's 'Landscapes'

Dutch performance artist and photographer Levi Van Veluw uses his own head as a canvas to draw attention to natural materials intersecting with the human form.

Amazingly, he doesn’t accept any assistance in setting up the materials on his head and face, but prefers to decorate himself completely alone.

“The work is created through several combinations of ideas. I started experimenting with portraits a few years ago. After every photo, I analyze the work and discuss with myself what is good and what is not. Therefore it is not really a portrait, but more a series of experiments. Creating the work is a one-man process. It is very important that I make every decision while I am creating the work itself because the process is part of the work.”

His past series Landscapes, pictured here, is simultaneously eerie and beautiful.


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