Monday, October 11, 2010

Private Jet Interiors

I saw this whilst looking for a "cheap" plane ticket to Hong Kong for Xmas and it made me feel sick.....

For over 30 years, aviation photographer Nick Gleis has shot aircraft for the biggest aviation companies and the wealthiest of private clients. He is as likely to receive assignments from presidents, dictators or royalty as he is from Gulfstream, Boeing or Lear.

Gleis’ photographs of large private jets are only one subset of his titanium portfolio, but they are by far the most intriguing. They are views into the expensive tastes of heads of state from around the world.

“My catch phrase is Capturing Aircraft Ambiance,” says Gleis. “Every photograph taken aboard an aircraft is an attempt to draw the viewer into the world that I am surrounded by when I take the photograph; a communication of the feeling that world gives me.”

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wow! this is just simply amazing.. I could live there! Love the interiors of that private jet. Kudos to the designer and the owner of this plane :)

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Wow! This is just simply amazing.. I could live there! Love the interiors of that private jet. Thanks a lot for sharing this.

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