Monday, October 11, 2010

DJ Krush & Prefuse 73 Competition Reminder

ESPVisuals have teamed up with Soundcrash once again, for a competition to give away 2 FREE TICKETS to go see DJ KRUSH & PREFUSE73 & Many More Artists on the 16th October @ Koko's. All you have to do is email us with an answer to the simple question;

"What is the date this event is happening?"

Please mail your answer to selphespcrew [at] g mail . com The deadline is Thursday October 14th so have a long hard think about the achingly obvious answer!....

Dj Krush is the Sensei of Hip Hop. DJ Krush is arguably the most gifted producer & DJ in the world with a superb sense in mixing and composing who’s been lauded for years by both his domestic and the international audience and is probably the most revered and renowned Japanese musician alive. A former yakuza, his life is almost as incredible as his music, an unclassifiable blend of styles that can only be appropriately described as the Krush sound.

Prefuse 73 is the alias of Guillermo Scott Herren, an experimental hip-hop producer whose material often features MCs buried in the mix to become more a part of the sonic texture than a focal point. A very elusive performer, this is a rare chance to catch Prefuse 73 in the flesh.Tonight he will be playing an exclusive Laptop set on the Soundcrash stage.

Stuart McCallum’s use of loops and effects combined with his extensive harmonic knowledge make him on of the most in demand guitarists in the scene today. Best known as the guitarist of The Cinematic Orchestra, Stuart has also an extensive solo career, and tonight he brings to the plate his latest musical project, simply called “Stuart McCallum”. Joined by very special guests, Stuart McCallum takes the Cinematic Orceshtra sound into electronic territory on the hallowed stage of Camden’s Koko.

Masaaki Yoshida, better known as Anchorsong to you and I, is a proponent of some of the lovliest electronic soundscapes you can find, anywhere. Sometimes alone with his drum-machine and keyboard, at others accompanied by a glamorous string-quartet, always a phonic treat - here’s yet one more rising star brought by Soundcrash to you for your discerning delectation.

P45 is a Soundcrash resident dj for a reason: he’s good. With a vast knowledge of leftfield electronic music his sets are tailored for every occasion with the artistry and savvy of a true disc jockey. With P45 we always know we are in safe hands.

DJ Krush
Prefuse 73 (Laptop Set)
Stuart McCallum (The Cinematic Orchestra) ft. Heidi Vogel

£15 adv from SOUNDCRASH

1a Camden High Street, Camden
London NW1 7JE
United Kingdom

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