Sunday, December 26, 2010

Epic Mickey Game Preview

Has anyone played this yet? Looks good! According to HERE:

"The character Yen Sid (originally from the Fantasia movie) created a world where all the original and now forgotten characters of Disney’s incredible animated history can reside.

Mickey Mouse, seeing all this through his mirror, decides one day to visit the model/world that Yen Sid created to see what it is truly like. In the process of Mickey’s exploration and Yen Sid’s sudden awakening out of bed;

Mickey accidentally spills thinner on the model, damaging the world and in effect creating “Wasteland” as well as the ink blot that becomes the game’s antagonist. He spends some time trying to quickly repair the damage he has made and then rushes back through the mirror and forgets all about the model.

That is until one day when the ink blot seemingly pulls him back through the mirror to face what he has done. You spend a lot of the game furtively trying to clean up the mess Mickey has made.

To accomplish this you must of course defeat enemies along the way. But you have two options; take the easy route and use the thinner which will essentially destroy your enemies or you can choose the more difficult path and repaint them."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

cool graphics, but i thought the controls were kinda difficult, you need to use both Wii controllers at the same time

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