Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Sickboy Replica Wheelie Bins

Sickboy has announced the release of a limited edition collection of original, hand-painted replicas of his most iconic street work — the wheelie bin. Based on a decade’s worth of the artist’s street activities, each replica model is an exact reproduction of the original work as it appeared on real wheelie bins worldwide. Produced in red and bearing the artist’s signature Temple logo in McDonald’s colours, these replicas offer a rare chance to own a piece of Sickboy’s street art history. Produced in a highly-collectable run of 20, each boxed wheelie bin has been individually hand-painted by Sickboy and is presented with a signed and dated photo-print of its on-street counterpart.

Price: £125.00 + P&P
Each box contains an individually hand-painted Sickboy wheelie bin with working lid, flap and wheels, plus a signed photo-print and
embossed COA
Edition: 20
Size: H19.5 x W16 x D12cm
Year: 2010
Authenticity: Signed & Numbered by the artist

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