Monday, March 28, 2011

Britains Largest Home Aquarium

"Jack Heathcote has converted the cellar of his five-bedroom house into Britain’s biggest domestic aquarium.
The 37-year-old, who lives in the Carlton district of Nottingham, has created a private underwater world in the basement of his five-bedroom home, filled with exotic species usually only seen in such far-flung corners of the world as the Amazon and Congo.

Jack paid just £700 for the glass panels and £800 for the fibreglass lining, adding that the tank cost him £5,000 in total to build. He has also stuck to simple decoration in the tank, which includes large, smooth boulders along with the branches of a damson tree which he chopped in half.

The tank is an L-shape from front to back, meaning that the space immediately behind the bay window is 7ft deep, while the rest of the floor space is subdivided by a ledge that used to be the foundation for the window.

And the collection in the tank - which includes some valuable species - consists of two chainsaw doradids, three 2ft long Pacus, some Pangasius, a Red tail hybrid catfish, two alligator gars, eight enormous stingrays and two Fly River turtles.

They will soon be joined by two silver arowanas, which are more commonly found in the Amazon River Basin."

To be honest, I love the concept but surely he could have put more effort into decorating it with natural vegetation for the fish & turtles??

Info from Adriana Wong & Words/Pics [VIA]

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Keith Howard said...

Well done mate, I am a keen fish keeper In Gibraltar and looking forward in converting a garage into a fish room some day, with different rift valley set ups of at least 4 X 2000L aquariums. I currently have 5 aquariums at home ranging from 200L to 1000L but only wish i could do something like you have. ENJOY :-D

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