Tuesday, March 08, 2011

1UP In Thailand

Berlin's 1UP Crew has been busy in Thailand, and have attracted a hater.
The long ass comment below was posted on our last 1UP post which is actually about this current piece.


"Can you comment on why painting natural objects in their natural setting is a good idea, reference the recent 'piece' by 1 UP on Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Your organisation has angered, saddenned and confused people here. Mostly people who have to accept it. You know, the sort of people who can't afford spray paint and lead happy, simple lives. All the sorry tourists too, forced to consider a perverse activity that carries the sort of mental delinquency characteristic of a crack addict than a budding Banksy.

The graffitti's in a position seen by pretty much the world as it comes to visit this island. An island still free of urban blight in 70% protected natural forest.

Perhaps this is a great accomplishment for you. Everyone on the road to Haad Rin will see 1 UP now. Everyone who takes the road up over lush, rocky landscape of tumbling granite, palm, birdsong, and sea views. A view there for rich and poor alike, predominantly normal people like you and me. Then at the top of the rise, a great big blue turd of a daub by you or one of your rivals. It doesn't matter which. It's a signal for every Thai to resent the presence of Germans and other outsiders.

You seem keen to export and sharpen your personal agenda in the most remote locations. What purpose does this serve? You wish to inflict Berlin's own personal political message on gentle, happy, poor people living in bamboo huts? They/we don't want or need you. We're just getting by. You know, we're the sort of people who can't afford spray paint and balaclavas.

Some kind of western snake really has made its way into the garden. Its you!, and all the people like you, more into themselves than others. So we drive by your graffitti, on down, past another piece of 1 UP graffitti, equally as trashy. No concrete tower blocks, violent gangs, or social decay, just natural beauty and you, the snake. Man, you look like idiots in Thailand.

Wisdom teaches us not to take too strong a stand on single issues. After all, all cases have an opposing argument. However, your vandalism has been so profoundly arsey and incompetant, I daub and scribble something on your space.

If you know who did this, tell him or her to come back and wash it off (without using toxic chemicals). People will love that person for their humanity, instead of hating them for thier cruel arrogance.

I beg you, be part of the solution, not the problem." - Nickgonewalkabout

Pic from HERE


Anonymous said...

1UP are way more talented than banksy! And anyway, it's ALL vandalism and it's ALL art too. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Anonymous said...

Beauty, and talent, are apparently in the eye of the beholder... Graffiti is meant for the streets.. it's the voice of the people... sound's like they've got no one listening to them here, except for nature lovers who don't want them fucking up their atmosphere... tuck yer tail, go back, and clean the shit up...

eyefeelsick said...

Well that's cavemen fucked then...Bloody vandals!

PHilfy said...

Graff will be graff, it seeks no permission or approval and is one of the last artforms or methods of communication which obeys no rules or boundries. If you dont like it.. it really is tuff titties for you.

Whilst i personally think this peice looks crap sprayed on that rock, at the end of the day if you feel so strongly against it then just wash it off.

I am sorry you dont hav the $ for your own spray cans but, that dont mean everyone else should cease to graffiti.

And another thing... asking a graffiti artist to be considerate and respectful is like asking a soldier to aim for the legs so they dont kill anyone...

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