Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Mysterious Al Solo Show March 2011

'The Doomsday Papers'
By Mysterious Al
04.03.11 - 27.03.11
Mysterious Al's striking, satirical and often dark artwork has long commanded an underground, yet global cult following with avid collectors rabid for his latest creations. Known for his iconic gothic eyed creatures, monsters, mutants and sub-humans... Creatures that inhabit a morbid yet playful universe parallel to our own. One of the first generation of Street-artists; Mysterious Al gained international notoriety alongside D*face for his part in the infamous ‘Finders Keepers’ illegal art events. In a career spanning almost a decade, Mysterious Al has exhibited his work in galleries globally, as well as collaborating with some of the worlds most high profile brands.

StolenSpace is thrilled to present ‘The Doomsday Papers’ the eagerly-awaited debut solo show by Mysterious Al. This brand new body of work loosely surrounds Mesoamerican Gods, the doomsday calendar, Drum & Bass, demonic intervention, Graffiti culture, Wicca and the Occult. In mixed media including wood, paint, newspaper, magazines, torn Bible pages and installation.

“As we prepare to enter what is being described as a new cycle of civilisation, I’ve become increasingly interested in different cultures and their beliefs, as well as my own thoughts and fears on mortality and fate. History is constantly being written... From the wonderfully elaborate depictions of Mayan Gods to mass-market celebrities, cult fiction and present-day witchcraft. What happens if all these humanities mix together? If these worlds collide?”

Stolenspace Gallery
91 Brick Lane
Truman Brewery
E1 6QL

There's a nice Mysterious Al studio visit on Arrested Motion....

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