Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Since last year there has been a major increase in the building of D.I.Y. skate spots. It's a really exciting time for skateboarding for the fact that homies worldwide are empowering themselves to put down some un-hampered terrain the way they want it. Rather than wait to have some half-bullshit concrete to be laid by the council, only to find a plague of dummy scooter kids occupying every inch, every single day (I still find it hard to fathom this epidemic), they do it themselves. Kingpin Magazine and Carhartt teamed up (thanks to Alex Irvine & Daryl Nobbs) to shed some light on this sub-culture of skateboarding through a series of shorts entitled 'Set In Stone'. From England to much of Europe, there are some seriously dedicated folk out there proving that there is more to skateboarding than rolling around the place. I've tacked onto the end a place we built called 'Fox Spot' at the same time these projects were going off...enjoy and go build!

MPORA Action Sports

Set in Stone - Helsinki

More Skate Videos

More Skate Videos

More Skate Videos

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