Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ultimate Tazer Ball - The Future of Sport?

Part lacrosse, part rugby and part The Running Man – the Ultimate Tazer Ball League may be stunning audiences near you, if league organizers have their way. The world's newest sports league has four teams, two in California, one in Philadelphia and another based out of Toronto.
However, the Toronto Terrors might be at a distinct disadvantage because they can't actually practice the game because stun guns are illegal in Canada. Yes, stun guns are as important to the game as a stick is to hockey.

The game's rules are fairly simple. It pits four players a side in an arena roughly the size of a hockey rink. There are nets at both ends and the players score by putting a large soccer ball (it's a bit heavier than a basketball) into the goal. Of course to score, the team must make its way down the field dodging tackles and players armed with hand-held stun guns -- who are allowed to zap the ball carrier. First team to score five points, wins. A demonstration video on the league's website shows players collapsing to the pitch, writhing in pain, after being stunned. There are also goals and bodychecks.

All I can say is....WTF?!

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