Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Shantell Martin To Headline Digital Graffiti Event

Old friend, Shantell Martin is to headline the Digital Graffiti Festival on June 6th, Alys Beach Florida. Last year, DJ Mag named Shantell as one of the Top 10 VJ's in the world and we were all so proud! What's cool about her style of VJ-ing is that she draws live onto a tablet during a musicians performance so she doesn't have to rely on pre-made visuals.

Last year’s festival attracted digital artists, filmmakers, musicians, interactive designers, photographers, VJs, producers, celebrities, agency executives and fans of art, technology and architecture.

Over $6,500 in prizes were awarded to artists, with digital submissions being received from as far away as Israel, Austria, Canada, Germany, London, India, France, Italy and China.

The 2009 Digital Graffiti festival will be held in Alys Beach, Florida on Saturday, June 6. For more information, please email

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