Monday, August 24, 2009

Gang Up Magazine

Brighton has always had a strong creative scene and its photographic talent have finally got something to collaborate on as a team: Gang Up Magazine is the newest venture by photographers, DarkDaze, Louie Banks, DayGloPoster, Partie! Partie!, Ophelia Fancy, Sally F**king Reynolds and Delarge.

"Good ideas always come along when you least expect them, and usually after a few beers. DarkDaze wanted a new platform to start presenting new, slick and beautiful photography, and to do it with the best. On a grey afternoon outside the Prince Albert photography gurus Louie Banks and Sam Hiscox, were recruited to create a special edition fashion magazine. They went on to bag styling queens and creative geniuses of Ophelia Fancy, Emma Sandham-King and Stevi Jelbart. For some reason they allowed some bumbling part-time model and blogger Sally Reynolds in and Gang Up magazine emerged. A hold in your hands sweet deal of a perfect bound magazine full of the best visual imagery you will find."

Visit their site HERE. (p.s. giv eit a couple days as the server is down for now)

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