Thursday, August 27, 2009

ESPVisuals in IdN's 15th Anniversary hard-cover Book

In 2007 ESPVisuals were invited by IdN to submit some content for their 15th Anniversary special edition hard-cover coffee table book and accompanying DVD. Featuring around 450 artists the book is a phenomenal insight into the creativity of many of the World's top designers and we were ecstatic being asked to be involved!

IdN's only request for the submitted work was that it forecast a particular area of design 15 years from now.

Our contribution comes in the form of a short trailer for a fictional video-game called "Anonymous", where your identity isn't what it appears, and you strive to find out who you really are.

We wanted to show what we thought the future of gaming might hold; a blend between films and video-games where the user not only controls the plot of the film, but is a character within it. In creating a new user experience we thought up the idea of a gaming pod in which a panoramic screen and built in surround sound would enhance gameplay and immerse you deep within the plot.

The book is a real collectors piece and we recommend you take a look for yourselves!

Check out a preview of the book here.

Buy the book here.

1 comment:

Selph said...

FINALLY!!! My God that took a while didn't it??
Good to see it finally released...

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