Thursday, August 06, 2009

Tokyo Gore Police

This one's for all you gore fans out there. It's not particularly new, but I was watching Yojimbo yesterday and for some very bizzare reason thought of this film and how much I wanted to watch it. Look out for the half girl, half crocodile....... the exccesive use of blood, gore, freaks, swords and arms for and legs. Assome.

In the near future...The Tokyo Police force has been privatized and incorporated. The new force has their hands full with a new type of genetically engineered mutant stalking the streets and brutally taking human lives. Luca, the top level officer at Tokyo Police has special law enforcement skills but her dark past makes her vulnerable. She is determined to hunt the mutant known as "Engineer" until the day she can find and destroy the mysterious "Key-Man".

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