Sunday, August 02, 2009

UKAdapta August 09 Update

Peterson is a DJ producer and record label owner from London, UK. Through his labels Acid Jazz, Talkin' Loud, and latterly Brownswood Recordings, he has been associated with the careers of countless well-known artists of the 1990s such as Erykah Badu and Tony Rich plus Jamiroquai. He is also well known as a radio DJ. After starting out on pirate radio, and having shows on various legal London-based radio stations, most noticeably including Kiss FM dance music station, he was recruited to the BBC's youth-oriented Radio 1 in 1998.

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Born in Northern France, her Scottish and French background is evident throughout her approach to design and aesthetics. After studying art and design, she specialized in stitched textiles and fashion to finally progress onto a degree in fashion design technology.
Anne-Sophie graduated in 2008 from London College of Fashion. Since moving to London, she has worked for a number of established designers including Ozwald Boateng, Ghulam Sakina, Allegra Hicks and Richard Nicoll whom she continues to work for.

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Cept's pieces have consistently been appearing on the streets of East London for as long as I can remember. With a long history steeped in graffiti, it was only natural that he started dabbling in fine art and prints as well. His colour choices and letter techniques are second to none and more often than not, his work is accompanied by a playful message. His style has always been one step ahead of the rest and for that reason, it has been one of my goals to track him down and interview him.

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