Thursday, March 11, 2010

ESPVisuals Interview With Skinner

As one of my favorite artists I am proud to present an interview with Skinner
as well as his latest dark mastery.

What inspired you to become an artist?

Oh man i don't know what inspired me to become an artist as much as i was just a creative kid...things seemed so much bigger and more fantastic...dinosaurs and Hulk hogan, are you kidding me? what kid didn't just automatically know that those were the best things in life? American kid anyways...which i suppose points to our penchant for violence...You learn early...young American aggressive behavior and dominate that ass...for me though I suppose I knew I wanted art to be a job when I couldn't tolerate my boss's weird i get to smoke pot and listen to Black Sabbath....

Did you always have this style or what were your influences?

I have always had a certain feel or vibe to what i do but My style and skills have definitely branched out away from where I was...I have really tried to open myself to committing and being very present within what I am doing at any time...Much like when I was a kid...I'm trying to get back to that raw focus...uninterrupted and solid....

Which 3 words would you use to describe your art?

Harrowing, engaging, and undeterred

Did you attend an art school or how did you develop your skills?

I guess I would have gone to an art school...too broke..white trash witches aint got no money...we learn the old ways and pass em/ down to the youngin's...make sure they know how to get by with perseverence and will power...don't need no schoolin' to understand the darkness of the just gotta open them's all around you.

Which artists do you find interesting?

Rosaleen Norton, Rory Hayes, every artist in the extreme canvas book ( hand painted movie posters from Ghana), Mars-1, Richard Corben, Alex Pardee, Mike Mignola, Barry McGee, Matt Fox, Irving Norman...Bosch...There's alot more but those are some of the ones I really like...Frazetta, Wrightson...etc.

What are you currently working on?

I have a solo show at white walls in august...a bunch of littler shows until then...a lurker toy comin out next month...some prints in a week..hopefully a book this year...writing new music i love...goin to Japan in November i think...but the show in August is definitely what I am focused on...hopefully i will have a new cartoon done for the show...some sculptures and halloween mask replicas in my own style...also a t shirt line in the next couple months...snowboards for capita...just finished the designs for the new season of decks and everything for blood wizard...trying to practice my shredsmanship on my guitar...junk like that

More of Skinner's art can be seen on

Exclusive Skinner iPhone wallpapers soon available on ESPVisuals.

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jerome davis said...

Damn, how can i contact this artist, I am working on a film and his art fits perfect with the kind of dark, eastern look i am imaginging,

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