Wednesday, March 17, 2010

anime reviews to resume soon

Ok so I know it has been quite some time since my last review. I do apologise for that I took a trip to India and when I got back I was very sick for some time. So I spent a lot of time hiding under a rock. And then I went and had a baby in December so I have not had much time to watch anime let alone review it. But as half term is coming up and my other little one loves to watch anime I will jump back on the horse and give you guys more reviews.

So in the mean time here is some news in the anime world.... For all you Fullmetal Alchemist fans happy days they are making a new series. For all you Evangelion fans they are making a new series. For those of you that love Death Note if you have bought the full series then don't buy Death Note R it's just a rehash (trust me I bought it). And lastly I have the sad news that Hollywood is making a live action of GITS (we shall see if it will be good or the smelly stuff you avoid). So I am sorry it's been so long but I will start to review again.

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