Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Whats Up In Melbourne In March

A 5min look at what’s up in Melbourne in March…..

In the Media – Becks out of World Cup (tough luck guys), new children’s hospital planned for Melbourne, footy and cricket players who cant catch a break, boat people dying to get into Australia (literally), new AAMI Park sports stadium in Melbourne

Listening to - Bertie Blackman, Track: Peekaboo – great female vocalist from Australia, various tracks, see ‘Triple J’ website for more info on great local bands and music scene

Reading – Game Informer mag – highly recommended new gaming mag out now covering all consoles with great reviews that actually speak to you about why games are good/bad instead of talking crap. Now in it’s third issue, ESPV loves this new gaming mag! (5/5 rating)

In Cinemas - Shutter Island (3/5 rating)

In Cinemas - Alice in Wonderland (4/4)

Gaming – Aliens Vs Predator on Xbox360 (4/4)& Dead Space Encounter on Wii (3/4)

Whats Hot – (In Australia) AFL footy season about to start! Come on Bombers!

Whats Not – celebrity scandals in the media and sharks at our beaches

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