Thursday, March 25, 2010

Internet shit I'm diggin'

So it's been a while since I last posted anything on ESP, but that's only because I've been radding out all day and definately not because I've been teaching numbskull kids how to design absolute ass on photoshop whilst wanting to cut open my eyeballs with a bread really, I honestly have been radding out. Anyway, during the rest times between awsoming out, I have been looking at cool shit on the net and here are a few of my finds in no real order:

1. The alien abduction lamp:

I was a little hesitant to post this as I want one and I would rather no one else in the world had one, but then I thought well 'who cares' and 'I'm not going to buy one any more anyway cuz I'm over it already'.

2. A few of the most assome tats ever:

and my personal favourite:

3. The Internet Shack from

4. Ultimately assome bands to skate to:

Radio Moscow (thanks to Jonners for this hook up)

Eyehategod (because they are the greatest band ever made and they reformed AND they are playing in London next month and I'm going)

5. Dope films that should be watched given half a chance:

Trash Humpers by Harmony Korine

Running Stumbled by John Maringouin

6. Style for miles:

Style Master Trev
Gree & co.
Das RK

Well hopefully that will keep you bedroom dwellers/slackers/stoners/agrophobes something to occupy yourselves with for a few minutes at least. If not go fucking skateboarding! If you don't skate, then I suggest you'll be the best thing you ever do.


Anonymous said...

Great Bands :P

Selph said...

Good post! Loving the shark "Suck my diiiick"! :)

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