Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kris Kuksi - Divination and Delusion

Insanely talented Kris Kuksi forthcoming art book.

Kris Kuksi will be releasing an art book later this year, scheduled release is September. Kuksi’s sculptures suggest the rise and fall of aspects of our own and other cultures and, despite the frequent portrayal of violence, chaos and degeneration, one may detect in the works reassuring hints of a possible improved future for humanity.

These works frequently employ images of Gods and Goddesses from past and present mythologies and their brilliant satirical passages challenge aspects of our beliefs and question whether or not humans have the ability to improve the world’s prosperity.

An abundance reminiscent of the art of the Baroque era gives the works a grandeur and, surprisingly, this sumptuous echo of the past is pierced with severe and critical commentary on the industrial world of modern times.

These widely admired art works can now be examined and appreciated in all their wonderful detail for the first time by the wider public through this handsome volume. The creation of these sculptures spans the last five years and embodies Kuksi's personal view of our turbulent world. These beautiful assemblages of his grace the walls of galleries and museums throughout the world and are displayed in the homes of numerous celebrities.
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