Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Dorvack Document

In 1983, a small toy company (Gunze-Sangyo) sent a generic brown envelope to many of the hobby stores in Japan. In it contained 8 prints that were supposed to promote their new Dorvack series of models. (Designed by Makoto Kobayashi) On one side was a photo of a diorama and on the other was the line drawing of the specified model.

Very similar to Ma.K, I recently discovered this over the xmas period and it has made me realise that the golden era for bio-suit mecha is actually the 1980's. (Anyone who knows me by now knows how much I love this genre!) Their use of WWII-style diorama's mixed with realistic looking bio-suit mecha has captured the minds and hearts of many robot fans. I will definitely be posting more of the Dorvack series of toys in the next couple months...Be prepared for some jaw-dropping metalwork!!

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bighatdino said...

Wow. Those designs are fantastic. I love the more functional designs you get in Japanese suits/robots. It's why I prefer the Zeon mecha to the Feddy stuff in Gundam, it looks properly military :)

Can't wait to see more of this stuff.

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