Friday, June 12, 2009

The Best Of E3 2009

Forza Motorsport 3 looks visually amazing and has a feature known as the 5 second rewind so that beginners can retake that awful corner they just messed up. That plus 400 cars on offer make it the best Driving Game of this year.

Modern Warfare 2 was previously seen before E3 and had created alot of buzz. The First Person Shooter features snowmobile chases and ice climbing as well as the usual covert oprations.

Without a doubt, Final Fantasy XIII was the best Role-playing game on offer. Not out til 2010, the new dynamic battle system and stunning graphics will be enough to make this a best-seller next year for sure.

Doesn't come out until Spring 2010, but Action Adventure, God Of War 3 looks set to be a stormer...I loved the first and second and the series is getting better and better.

Pes2010....what can I say? We have all been playing it for a decade now and each one is tweaked to give you a better experience. PES2010 will be amazing...I know it already.

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