Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pakistan Truck Painting and Pimping

This is what happens when you are a truck-driving single man who has nothing to spend your money on. Folk-art, calligraphy, gaudy decorations; these trucks are loaded with them.

According to Wiki, "Karachi is considered the major bedecking center for such trucks. There is also a unique décor style for nearly every city in Pakistan. The Balochistani and Peshawari trucks are heavily trimmed with wood. Rawalpindi and Islamabadi trucks have prominently featured plastic work. Camel bone ornamentation is commonly seen in trucks decorated by Sindh artists. Thus these trucks are also representative of different historical and cultural regions of Pakistan."

A Quick Video Of Pakistan's Culture Of Truck Painting

Images [VIA], [VIA] & [VIA]

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Amy C. Moreno said...

what a great video. I facebooked and tweeted it. Thanks for sharing.

Sheraton Karachi said...

Its a great video about the Pakistan culture and it should share with all over the world because it is very nice.

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